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What do our students say....

"I used to go to a language academy in Barcelona after work twice a week and get home at 10pm. Now I go straight home after work have my class and I'm finished at 8:30pm. It's cheaper and saves time."

— Eduardo Morgades, Barcelona

"The classes are great and there is a good mix of vocabulary, listening and grammar. They also use real live videos which can be difficult at times but it's real English."

— Maria Maggio Naples, Italy

"I took classes in a lunchtime group with students from other European countries. The focus was on conversation as our level is quite high. It was possible to work in pairs as the technology allows this and I could take the class from my office at work. I totally recommend these classes and they are great value for money - I only spent €150 for 30 hours!"

— Christine Hierl Cologne, Germany

"I needed to take an individual intensive course as I had an interview in English. My teacher used to do interviews for an American company and he was able to give me great advice (through English) in the classes. It felt more like an interview preparation course than an English class - I forgot I was learning English."

— Mathias Schröder Munich, Germany


More Recommendations

Individual English Classes

english conversation classes

Take one to one classes with your personal English Teacher.

Ideal for those of you who need to improve your English quickly. Classes can be customised to suit your particular learning needs - business, travel, preparation for an interview or presentation, FCE exams or just general conversation. All classes will be recorded and available for you to review at a later stage.

Prices start from €22 per hour.

english conversation classes

Learn With A Partner

english conversation classes

A cheaper way than the Individual package but just as effective.

Here, the class is just two students and one English teacher. We encourage you to find a student with a similar level to you. If this is not possible, we keep a register of students who are interested and will try to find a partner for you. You can register your interest or sign up now.

Prices start at €15 per hour.

english conversation classes

Join A Class

english conversation classes

Learn English with other students of similar level to you. Maximum of six students per class.

We have classes running constantly throughout the year at various levels from beginner to advanced. Register your interest now and we will notify you of the next available space.

Prices start at €8 per hour.

english conversation classes

Business English

english conversation classes

Are you a company that needs to unlock international opportunities?

If so then we can design packages to meet your Business English needs. We can assign you teachers who have worked in industry and are degree/MBA qualified. We understand the demands and needs of companies and can design English Learning Packages specific to these requirements. Contact us and we will be delighted to design your package at a very competitive price.

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Email, Telephone And Other English Language Learning Services

english conversation classes

Do you need to improve a particular English skill?

At The Online English Class we are aware that people need English for different skills. Perhaps you speak English very well but can't write a good email. Maybe you have difficulty speaking and understanding on the telephone. We can offer you telephone classes and email writing tasks with corrections. In the past we have found these to be very effective for those students who have a particular need in this area. Contact us for more information and we will be happy to design a package that suits your particular need.

english conversation classes