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How It Works?

The first class is free with all of our offers.

What do the students say......

“ I have been having classes with The Online English Class for three months. I started with a little base but without the ability to have a proper conversation and from that day it has been improving everyday. It's comfortable to have the class and suits me perfectly - sometimes at work and sometimes at home. The internet connection is very good as there is no delay between the audio and the video which is the big problem that exists with other academies. My teacher (James) is native which I consider essential to give classes and is important for pronunciation. With respect to the prices, they are very good value and also you don't have to travel to any academy. In short, I am learning English in a comfortable environment and quickly. I can definitely recommend it to you.”

— Manuel Alonso Cercedilla

Online Delivery

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All our teachers are experienced in teaching classes and individuals in various environments such as schools and in companies. One of the disadvantages of this is the amount of travelling involved for both teacher and student. Thanks to advances in video conferencing technology your English Teacher comes to you whether you are at home, in the office or travelling. Through our experience we are able to deliver a more effective class online at a fraction of the cost of other schools or academies.

What Do I Need For My Class?

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Most of the equipment that you need you probably have already. A laptop/pc, a webcam, a good internet connection (we recommend at least 2Mb/s) and headphones with a microphone. All of the class materials are supplied so there is no added cost for textbooks. If you are on the move, it is also possible to connect to your class through your smartphone. This is ideal for people who travel a lot. We promise to be as flexible as possible with students who travel a lot.

When Will I Have My Class?

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When you sign up for an individual class we will be able to arrange a schedule that suits you. We recommend that you take at least two classes of one hour per week, Anything less is ineffective. If you are interested in joining one of our group classes these run on a fixed schedule - usually two one hour classes per week. We will register you in a class that suits your level. You will have to take a level test first. This level test will involve a telephone conversation with one of our teachers - we will call you. We don't ask you to pay until your place in an English class is confirmed. Once your place in a suitable English class is confirmed we will ask you to pay as soon as possible.

If you are a company that is interested in classes for your employees then most of the above applies. However, depending on the number of employees you want to sign up we will be able to arrange classes specifically for you. Please note that we also give presential classes to corporate clients in the Madrid area. Other academies in the Madrid area charge €35 to €45 per hour for presential classes to corporate clients. Because of our delivery method we can save your company up to 50% with our online English class.

How Do I Login To My Online English Class?

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This is simple. Your teacher will schedule your class for you as already agreed with you. When the class is scheduled you will receive an email to the email address that you give us. Attached to this email will be a link. Click on the link when your class is due to begin and you will be in your online English class.


We offer various payment methods. Our preferred payment method is through PayPal because this is the most secure form of payment on the internet. With PayPal you do not share your financial details and it offers you, the customer, protection if you do not receive the goods or service you expect. You can also pay by bank transfer. Contact us and we will send you the details you need to complete this.