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"All our classes come with the first class free"

I am unemployed at the moment and I need to improve my English quickly. Where I live there is no English academy. The English classes online suit me perfectly as they are cheaper and more convenient than a traditional academy..

— María Jesús Castilla - La Mancha


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Each month we are able to offer you different special offers.


Private Classes............

For the month of APRIL 2012 we can offer you 2 hours of classes free (3 hours with the first class which is always free).You have to order at least 10 classes of one hour before 30 April.

13 CLASES X € 18 = € 234
          DISCOUNT = € 54

            YOU PAY    €180


To avail of this offer just click on the button and fill in the form with the code APRPC.

clases particulares de ingles

Classes With A Partner.......

When you order 10 classes with a partner we offer you 2 hours of telephone classes (each student) free. You must order at least 10 hours of classes. This offer is for a limited time only.


(11 hours x € 6) +
(2 hours x € 14) = € 90
     DISCOUNT = € 34
        YOU PAY    € 56


To receive this offer click on the button and fillin the form with the promotional code PART.

clases particulares de ingles